We have decided to open a small shop to offer some of Åsas handwoven textiles and Martins small tools for weaving. The Read more is a link to our home site with more to read (in swedish) about the items. Soon we hope we can also offer some single wool yarns, suitable for medieval weaving, both warpspun and more loose spun for the weft, and later on both S-spun and Z-spun weaving yarn.

We will participate in the Battle of Wisby - for the third time.

All prizes in SEK incl VAT. Contact us on e-mail (Martin Eriksson) for terms of delivery. Note that some of the items we can not send by mail.

About us

Striped blankets
After medieval manuscript pictures I made four, rather big, different blankets, ca 135 x 210/215 cm.

Read more. And a pdf in english.

SEK 5 000

Small Rigid Heddles
On Gotland there is a find of a rigid heddle from Väskinde church. It was made from elk horn. We have made smalls rigid heddles of beech wood in about the same size.

Read more.

SEK 150

Small Stick Shuttles
For the weft, from a find in Novgorod (Russia)

Read more.

SEK 60, in pair with a Rigid Heddle SEK 50

Reels with sewing silk
50 m silk.
Knifed of wood from a find in Åbo/Turko (Finland)

Read more.

SEK 100

Yarn bobbins
From a find in Birka (Sweden)

SEK 80

Smoooting stones

Christer Mattsson, Visby glasblåseri, made them for us from a viking time find in Gotlands Museum.

Read more.

SEK 250

Eight small pouches made of leftovers from an exhibition of eight chasubles. Handwoven with a silk/mohair yarn and an over all small pattern.

Read more. And a pdf in english.

SEK 1 500

A shawl
You can use the shawl through the centuries - from viking time up to modern times! There are two - one lighter and one darker gray.

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SEK 1 900

Small yarn skeins
Dyed with wool-acid colour to fit the fabrics sold by Medeltidsmode. 20/2 ca 75 m, 8/2 ca 35 m.

During Medeltidsveckan you can find the yarn skein basket with Medeltidsmode.

SEK 25

Single yarn
We have got in contact whith a small spinning mill on Saaremaa (Estonia) and have the first examples of their yarn to show. We hope it will be possible to get both warp- and weftspun yarns in different numbers - and perhaps also S-spun.

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