About us

Åsa Martinsson is a professional weaver with a Master Craftsman´s Diploma in Handweaving. She has her own studio, and has worked primarily with church textiles for 30 years. She received her weaving education in Borås and has a BA in ethnology with specialities in archeology and art history.

She was president of Riksföreningen för handvävning for six years, and has been a member of the association since its inception in 1991. She is still active as president of Gotlands Vävare and administrator of the national association's website. She is a member of KRO/KIF and Föreningen Dragsnörena.

She has participated in Medeltidsveckan på Gotland since its inception in 1984, in recent years, she has held courses at Kapitelhusgården. She is also a member of Styringheim (SCA) and Gutars Bågskyttar, and she participates in Battle of Wisby

Martin Eriksson is a priest. He was cathedral chaplain in Visby for 16 years and a member of the diocese chapter in Visby. Prior to that, he was director of a conference centre (Stiftsgården Stjärnholm) for twelve years and was then chaplain to the Bishop of Strängnäs. He has devoted himself to the study of liturgy and ecclesiastical law and economics. Since retiring, he has begun to engage in crafts on a small scale and manufactures tools for weaving.

He has participated in Medeltidsveckan på Gotland since 1995 and has been alderman of Medeltidsgillet på Gotland. He was a member of the Board of Medeltidsveckan for eleven years, including serving as chairman for several years. He is treasurer of Styringheim (SCA) and Nordmark (SCA). He also is a member of Gutars Bågskyttar and participates in Battle of Wisby and is responsible for the final memorial service.

Together we share an interest in medieval reenactment in the SCA and with other reenactment groups. We have recreated a medieval residential environment with our own hand-woven textiles on Bornholms Middelaldercenter for four seasons. We also travel to the Medieval Centre in Nykøbing F and are allowed to stay in the merchant's house in the summer apartment.

We have run a company, Martinsson & Eriksson, since 1999 and are the Swedish and Danish agents for the WeavePoint computer weaving program and also hold courses in the program.

We live in Visby with part of the city wall in our garden, along with two cats, a Norwegian Forest Cat and a Birman (Sacred Cat of Burma).

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